F.A.Q.s .



Katie will advise you how to use this product sparingly and effectively to achieve the desired result. By resetting the foundation (if required) using this powder, it will ensure the makeup will go the distance well into the night. 

Will I need to reapply my lipstick/gloss?

Yes, it is likely that you will require some touching up during bathroom breaks. Often clients ask for a product that won't budge, but the truth is that even the so-called "24 hour" lip colours will not withstand constant moisture (licking lips or drinking) and the product will most certainly break down if you are eating oily foods. So basically, if you never drink, kiss, lick your lips, or eat anything for 24 hours, then you will probably find your lip colour stays put the whole time. However, let's be honest, that's not realistic so it's good to pack some back-up lippy for touch ups. Katie will deposit some of the lip colour/product that she has used on the client into a small pot, which can then be used for touchups as required.

What should I wear during my appointment?

Please wear something that is easy to slip over the head, or button down to get out of. Do not come in your dress/outfit as it is too hazardous around loose makeup powders and products. 

When on location, what setup do you require?

We ask that there is a clean table with plenty of space for us to spread our kit out comfortably. Please position the table near a window so that we can work with the natural light which is much more flattering and easy to work with. We also ask that we can be close to a power outlet wherever possible, or have an extension lead provided. If there are young children around, please make sure they are kept away from any of our products, brushes or electrical cords whilst the artists are at work. This is to ensure the health and safety of everyone.

What brands do you use?

In her kit, Katie has a huge collection of her favourite products from a range of different brands which she has personally tried, tested and loves. These include high quality makeup artist brands such as Cinema Secrets, Graftobian, Kett Cosmetics, Elementwo, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Viseart Paris, Gorgeous Cosmetics, Ben Nye, Inglot, Model Rock Lashes, and Skindinavia. For hairstyling, Katie loves to use products by Evo, L'Oreal, and Schwarskopf. Her tools include GHD straightening iron, Parlux Hairdryer and MUK Hair tools.


How do you clean your brushes between clients?

When on location, we always sanitise our brushes between clients using a high quality isopropyl alcohol spray. At the end of each job, our brushes are given a thorough clean and sanitise using shampoo and brush conditioner. We also use disposable mascara wands and cotton buds for all clients, discarding after use.  

I have received a cheaper quote- why is your pricing more expensive and will you price match?

It is true what they say - You get what you pay for. Our pricing reflects Katie's 11 years of experience, knowledge and professionalism. We take a lot of pride in the service that we provide and put 100% in to each and every client. We use professional grade products and hair tools, ensuring the very best for our clients. 
Please be aware that cheaper does not always equal better. Whilst we recognise that budgets can be tight, we have seen many clients who have had multiple trials with cheaper artists and who have come to us in search of a replacement artist after previous negative experiences.


Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes, we require an $80.00 booking deposit for all weddings, and a $50.00 booking fee for all other events. This is not an additional amount and will be deducted from your final invoice. 

Should I have a trial?

For bridal bookings, we recommend that our brides have a trial (it isn't necessary for the bridesmaids unless they desire one). We photograph the final look and record which products were used so we can replicate the makeup look on the wedding day.
For hair trials however, please note that there are many varying factors (frizz/weather/texture/length/hair dye etc) that can affect how a hairstyle sits from day to day. It is for this reason that we like to call it a hair "play"- that is, it's a chance for Katie to get to know your hair type and length, to discuss your options for styles, and inform you of any additional requirements on cutting/extensions/padding that may be required for your desired style. You will leave your trial with a completed look, however please just be aware that although it is physically impossible to place every hair back in the same place it was in at the trial, we will do our very best and ensure you are 100% happy with the final look on the wedding day.


How long will it take per person on the day?

Generally, we allow 50min per face for makeup application, and for hairstyling approximately 1 hour. This timing can vary for short / long hair or complex styles. 


How can I best prepare my hair and skin in advance?

For your face, we recommend exfoliating 1-2 times a week - we personally love Sukin products as they contain no harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances, parabens or sulphates. Always wash your face at the end of the day with a cleanser (not soap) and if you wish to use a toner after, we recommend Witch Hazel which can be purchased at any pharmacy.  Finish off with a nice facial moisturiser, or if you have normal-dry skin, we love to use a few drops of Organic Certified Rosehip Oil on the face and neck and allow to soak in overnight.
For luscious lips, make sure you drink plenty of water in the lead up to your special event to remain fully hydrated (dehydration is one of the leading causes of dry lips!) In addition to drinking lots of water, lightly buff over your lips in a circular motion with your tooth brush. This will remove any dead skin and get the circulation flowing for plump, smooth lips. Finish with Rosehip oil or organic Paw Paw ointment overnight. 

For hair preparation, we recommend using a good quality (salon, not supermarket brand) shampoo as cheaper products contain lots of silicone and other nasties which create build-up on the hair and scalp, damaging the hair and stripping it of natural oils. Each time you wash your hair, ensure you shampoo twice - the first lather will remove dirt, and the second lather will break down any oil build up. Follow with a hydrating conditioner. The night before your booking, we ask that you wash and blow dry your hair smooth so that the hair is prepped nicely for styling. 


Will a spray tan affect the makeup application?

Katie will colour match your foundation to whatever your skin tone (real or fake) on the day, so there's no need to panic. She will also apply product down your neckline if required to ensure it is all blended in well. It is recommended that you test your desired spray tan colour a few weeks before your event to ensure you will be happy with the final result. We usually recommend getting your spray tan done 1-2 days prior to your makeup booking for it to have a chance to fully develop.  


Katie Dawson Makeup Artist

Do I have to bring my own makeup?

No, we will supply all of the makeup that is used on the day, including false lashes if you desire them. The only time where we will use a client's own personal makeup is if they have a known allergy or sensitivity to cosmetic ingredients and require a specific product that they know will be safe for them to use.

Will my makeup last the entire day/night?

Yes, Katie's professional application methods and high quality products will ensure a long lasting finish. However, for all clients, we highly recommend that you take a "translucent" pressed powder compact with you for any areas that may become shiny if you have oil-prone skin.